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Jefferson Park

The Jefferson Park Historic District is an early twentieth-century residential neighborhood located approximately two miles north of downtown Oklahoma City, the state capital. It encompasses twenty-six blocks and two small parks and consists of 432 buildings, one structure, and two sites, Sparrow Park and Goodholm Park. The Bungalow style is predominant, however, other architectural styles include the Craftsman style, the Tudor Revival style, the Colonial Revival style, and the Prairie School style. The neighborhood is surrounded on three sides by other residential neighborhoods, although the southern boundary — Northwest 23rd Street — is a commercial strip which divides Jefferson Park Historic District from Mesta Park and Heritage Hills. The houses located south of Jefferson Park Historic District and closer to downtown Oklahoma City reflect the styles of the first quarter of the twentieth century, while the houses located north of the Jefferson Park Historic District represent the booming 1920’s. The houses adjacent to the northern boundary are included in the Edgemere Park Historic District. The east side of the Jefferson Park Historic District is bounded by I-235, which was constructed during the 1980’s. The easternmost blocks were shortened to accommodate the new highway and a few houses were demolished. These streets are now cul-de-sacs. Although the construction of the highway eliminated some residences, the remaining resources in the Jefferson Park Historic District maintain a high degree of historical and architectural integrity.

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