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The Shepherd Historic District, also known as Cashion Place Addition, includes a park and 325 buildings, almost all of which are 1930’s-era single family residences of brick or stone. There are a few older frame houses on the first developed block, and the northeast corner of the area has newer commercial buildings. The houses in the neighborhood are uniformly spaced houses, with the majority in the typical styles of the 1930’s. The style of over half the houses is Tudor Revival, with its typical steeply pitched roofs, arches, half-timbered gables, and prominent chimneys. Also typical of the neighborhood is the Minimal Traditional style, usually with no eaves, simplified detailing, and siding on the upper floor of two-story units. Another popular style is a simplified form of Colonial Revival, where such details as round columns, balconies, and porch details are usually less elaborate on the Shepherd neighborhood houses than for those constructed several years earlier. Outstanding examples of other styles include the Moderne house at Northwest 26th Street and North Youngs Boulevard, and the French Eclectic dwelling one block north. With 92% of its resources contributing to the district, the Shepherd Historic District has maintained its historical integrity to a high degree.

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