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Located between the bustling Plaza and Uptown Districts, at 320 acres Gatewood is the largest historic district in Oklahoma City. Gatewood was originally platted in 1922 and features homes built during this time period. The neighborhood was the original home of Epworth University (now Oklahoma City University) and is a great mix of historic charm and downtown amenities. The neighborhood also features an annual home tour and Carey Place, a Halloween favorite in Oklahoma City. The area which is now the Gatewood Neighborhood was claimed during the “Land Run of ’89”. Andrew Findley settled on the eastern quarter section, while Lewis Walch claimed a similar area on the west. Both families quickly began farming, and built homes which are still standing today. By 1902, both homesteads had changed ownership. The Walch farm was owned by Margaret McKinley, while the Findley farm had been divided among several owners, including Charles F. Colcord and F. B. Zieglar. The land was still rural, because Oklahoma City initially developed to the south and west of the downtown area.

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